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WELCOME TO CRICKLADE - First Town on the Thames

 Photograph Courtesy of Steve Edwards

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Councillor Vacancy
An election will take place on Thursday, 1st May 2014.
The nominated candidates are:
Mr John Christopher Nevill
Mr Trevor Harvey Stinton
You can click on the names to find their Election Statements and click here to view the Notice of Poll.

European Parliamentary Election 22 May 2014
Notice of Election for the South West electoral region - details here

Fritillary News
Please see our link to the Cricklade in Bloom website for news from North Meadow and the regularly updated
Fritillary Watch.
Help is required with this year’s Fritillary Survey on Thursday, 24th April.

Extreme Weather Conditions
We have been advised that when there is excessive wet ground and flooding that movement can occur underground pushing items such as rocks and debris to the surface and creating divots. Walkers, runners and cyclists are advised to be cautious on rough ground to avoid new obstacles.
Should you experience any problems, please call Clarence on 0800 232323 or use the Wiltshire Council Smartphone App .
For all the latest news, please view this link

Wiltshire Council Smartphone App
Wiltshire Council have developed a smartphone app so you can report local issues on the go and receive progress updates. Please see this link for the full details.

Cricklade Campus
The Town Council, after months of discussion about its future as a partner with the Cricklade Campus, has made a decision about its future location. It has decided that because the costs of relocating to the High Street Police Station location are unknown, that it would prefer to remain at Ockwells. It has asked Wiltshire Council to consider an asset transfer of the whole of the Ockwells site (to include the library and GP surgery) into its ownership to ensure that the Council remains in Ockwells and as an integral part of the community. The Council is now waiting for a decision from Wiltshire Council.
Further details here.

Neighbourhood Plan
The Town Council is delighted to announce that it has been awarded a grant of £7000 by The Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning Programme led by Locality, to further the work undertaken by the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party. This money will be used to commission specialists to produce assessments and appraisals that will underpin the research already completed. Further details can be found on the Neighbourhood Plan website which you can find by clicking here.

Long Close
We are really pleased to announce that after many months of clearance work, the dew pond at the far end of Long Close has been reinstated to its former glory. Out of sight for years, this a naturally occuring feature and water levels will fluctuate on a daily basis.

Local Concerns - flooding
Community Flood Wardens are preparing a register of vulnerable residents who live in properties susceptible to flooding. In the event of a flood, the Wardens will communicate, provide reassurance and maybe assist these residents. If you (or someone you know to be vulnerable in Cricklade) would like to be included on the register, please contact
A copy of the Flood Plan is here.

 If you have a flooding or highways issue, contact Clarence on 0800 232323
For further information see